Friday, July 19, 2013

Dangerous Buzz

My FB and blogger friend,  cricket crazy foodie, a Nikon Bhakt and trekker, Dhiren Shah, posted this photograph which he captured in his garden at home.

Somehow,  the smooth, shiny blackness of the moth (Bhanwara) , buzzing around an innocent pastel flower bud, growing in apparent security amidst the verdant greens, brought to mind some recent troublesome happenings , that keep getting reported on the news.

But like Dhiren said, the Bhanwara/Moth didnt realize that he would be "shot"...

Some buds,
falsely secure
in an unavoidable routine life,
amidst so many
green ones

who call themselves family.

Blooming, playing,
sometimes happy,
sometimes bored
sometimes resting
amidst the green,
but always
by the mercenary
shiny villainy
black minded Bhanwaras
who bide their time
on visits to the locality.

The story repeats everywhere.

And sometimes, 

for the budding flower,
it is better, to close up, 

and fall
away from it all.


  1. Black minded bhanwaras.... love it! :)

  2. the adjectives for me are getting longer than the flower and the bee both :D :D :D

  3. Simply Awesome... :-)