Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bending Unbending मोडेन पण वाकणार नाही .....

There was a time when phones had to do with communication, quality of hearing, performance machine life expectancy , and so on.

Today, phones have become thinner, more expensive, more conscious of looks and image in the public, and fairly dispensable. Some even bend when required, if sufficient pressure is applied.

The Consumer Reports Magazine even performed tests to ascertain the pliability of phones under pressure, and presented a chart.

Kind of took me back to the days of the old, sturdy, black, rotary phone of my childhood.  When both phones and folks, tended to have the guts to remain unbending under all kinds of pressure.

Just saying ...

There is in life
a real optimum value
for everything.

Like in politics,
those that cost
a lot to us,
are the first to bend.

The old ones
and always came back
to the place they started from
when the numbers changed.

They don't make them
like that anymore.

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