Thursday, September 18, 2014

Evolution of the Bird Brained....

My friend Shail Mohan, shot this politically significant photo, in the  Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in Kancheepuram,  in Tamil Nadu , in March 2014.

Just that, maybe then, she didn't know how politically significant it was, given that national elections were soon announced.

Common Spoonbills,  looking at  "chamchas **" (in the Indian political context) from  new heights as it were.  The spoon type beak; no comments required.  The very alert security conscious black cormorants, on the lookout.

And the Grey Heron political acolyte, suitably subservient , a few steps below, preferring to be ambiguously grey, instead of Fair & Lovely.....

it is a Spoonbill
and sometimes

it's a chamchaa.

The former,
on top of the world,
asking "Who's the Boss ?",
dipping the spoon
scooping amidst the bills,
his black cormorant guard cats
on the lookout,
their backs to him;

And the latter Heron,
noncommittally Grey
to avoid being slotted,
"Boss, you are !",
just as a chamcha should,
few branches down the tree.

Today, the birds are fit for politics.

**Chamcha ~ hindi word for "spoon" ,  used for those political disciple, acolyte types


  1. Super, Suranga. Just perfect verse for the picture! I loved the introduction too! :)

    1. Shail, Thank you! Such inspiring photography, so much info. I sometimes think the birds should have their own FB; like BeakBook etc ? :-)

  2. Beautiful photographs. Strange that it was only last night that I dreamt of so many birds on one tree that I was trying to capture!!! Equally interesting commentary - as usual - Suranga. :-D