Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flying Compulsions....

My friend ,  Shail Mohan of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (India' southern most state ), has blogs dedicated to a canine quadruped, winged creatures , and  botanical greens in and around the lush area where she lives.  She is also a repository for information on Birds of Kerala, and posted this photograph , of what she calls a "displeased" Cattle Egret,  clearly frowning and feeling upset about something.

Cattle Egrets are so called because they follow cows/cattle  around,  sitting on them and picking and making a meal of the ticks and insects on their skin.   And yes, they flit across cattle, trying to find something to sustain themselves.

Maybe be just a coincidence, but it reminded me of something....     :-)

Lumbering Leaders
of the Bovine type,

through a crowded electorate,
chewing up the green|
for concrete,
snorting with power,
eyeing new hangers-on
and ignoring
old ones.

And the Egret Partywalla,
seeing stuff
from a birds eye view.

With elections
around the corner,
sniffing power equations
and changes,
it is time to
fly off,
and look elsewhere
new backs to scratch ?

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