Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flowering minds....

My friend Priyadarshan Kale , is an expert on all the "roads less travelled " in Western Maharashtra.

He recently travelled north of Mumbai in the Suryamal area , and came across these little girls, busy collecting wildflowers, and making "venis" or floral traditional hair adornments by weaving them together.   When curiosity led him to go closer and photograph their efforts, they spontaneously offered the finished item to his wife.

He posted some amazing photographs of this here.    Under  रानफुले आणि वेणी.

I've actually done this more than 50 years ago in my childhood, when there were more greens and less concrete in our lives.  And we didn't have to drive out of cities to see wildflowers.

I actually wondered what the wildflowers were thinking.  And the answers came in Marathi .  

Watch the slideshow.....

"कुणा एका सूर्यमाळा वरची फुलं , 
ऐटीत डोलत , 
पावसाळी हिरवाईत तुडुंब बुडून 
एकमेकात गुंतून कानगोष्टी करत …। 

बघता बघता 
एका माळकन्येचा फुललेला चेहरा न्याहाळत 
एकमेकात अजूनच गुंततात . 
तिच्या कलाकारी बोटांच्या जादूत 
न्हावून निघतात, 
आणि कुणा एका राजाभाऊना 
सामोरे जाउन म्हणतात , 
"आज कालची बोटं , 
बटणे दाबतात, 
क्लिक करतात , 
वेळी प्रसंगी निर्देष करून अरोप करतात, 
संगणकावर बाराखडी गातात; 

पण जेव्हा आमच्यात गुंतून, 
आम्हाला गुंतवून केशाभूषणे बनतात 
कुणा एका काकींच्या चेहऱ्यावरचा आनंद दिसतो न, 
तेव्हा वाटतं , 
आपण किती भाग्यवान, 
आपल्याला माळकन्येचा हात लागला …."


  1. रुक्ष माहितीची करा चिरफाड आणि दाबा संगणकाच्या कळा
    पण सौन्दर्याच्या साक्षात्काराला हवा रानातल्या फुलांचा मळा
    [My two cents worth!]

  2. I don't know how to type in other languages, so will comment in English :) Love the lines about the fingers doing all the things but being special when they weave a gajra with wildflowers. Come to think of it, today it is just kaakis who might wear them if at all. Or do girls still do, like we used to in our youth?