Monday, September 1, 2014

Grafting the Mind

Trees, may be considered non human. It still doesn't stop them from displaying some amazing traits, as they grow, and go through their lives.

Particularly when you think of things like grafting.  There is a parental Root stock, tree/plant and a Scion is grafted on to it, so as to become a part of the family.  The Root stock   and the Scion, with the help of simple binding technology, accept each other, mingle  and grow, mostly improving the quality of their lives and fruit.

We narrow minded, selfish, humans, set great store  by the original flesh and blood. There are rules for Scions and or Scionesses.  And their social grafting.  And despite being the proud owners of evolved cerebral cortexes, analytic minds and emotions,  we haven't learnt the art of accepting  gracefully, something given to us to nurture.  Even while commenting on Scions grafted on to others.

Today, we destroy trees.  No wonder, sick minds proliferate in such a world.

Just read the paper....

The Root Stock Tree

Memories of a secure childhood,
a bashful pubertal 
shooting up,
An adult dense leafy flowering,
Facing storms
and Floods of emotion,
And then,
a responsible calming down,
learning to offer your best,
Shelter, Fruit, and useful Limbs....

something missing,
and a Scion graft happens,
Binding tissues and minds,
A fortunate mingling and acceptance,
Another childhood,
Another growing,
Another learning,
A rich fruiting,
A sense of belonging....

unfortunately evolved Homo Sapiens,
in their
presumed individual purity,
learn NOTHING from the trees.

Drunk on their own cerebral black,
Hurtful in the extreme,
unable to nurture 
a new scion or scioness,
seeking a home.

A Sign of the Times.

Trees uprooted and killed,
Dwindling greens
torrential showers,
boiling tempers.

Senseless selfish Homo Sapiens
Blind in their mind
Deaf to a call,
Trampling good sense
to pieces
creating a brain
full of trash....

We simply learn nothing from the trees, do we ?

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  1. Superb analogy, Suranga. Brought tears to my eyes. We humans indeed are inhuman in more ways than one.