Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stars in her head .....

A greatly wooded academic campus, and a greatly talented photographer cum doctoral student make a great combination.  Silk cotton trees shedding this light cotton like fluff are found across the campus.

Many years ago, I stayed next to one such big tree, and collected enough fluff to make a soft pillow.

Clearly, this doctoral student has some other ideas.

The neurons of IITB,
slogging away
amidst potholed tumtum ** axons

and synapses
graced by bovine visits,
fire away in delight
as the various stages
give way
to the final defence;

Not of treks undertaken,
or butterfly clicks,
or flowers in bloom,
or yummy Gulmohurian* hogs,
serious wordplay
and analysis
all scribbled within four walls.

Streaming out
through the lush hair
the highly individualistic neurons,
tired after semesters of slog
keep their distance
from each other,
and shine.

said one neuron to the other,
"Don't get all mixed up,
the hair will look grey.....
fire and shine
like the stars she sees
when she lies like this."

**tumtum ~   campus buses  
*Gulmohur ~  Campus cafetaria named after the preponderance of Gulmohur trees on campus.

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