Sunday, September 28, 2014

Needling the Pain .....

Unsolved inexplicable pain, needs innovative solutions. Particularly, when it is attributable to misbehaving nerves.

Like burning feet, when you lie horizontal. Burning similar to what would happen if you stood in a puree of 1 kilo of very hot green chillies.  It is a bit of an spine engineering problem,  skewed by some supersensitivities developed by  easily influenced nerves.

The body conducts a flight or fight response  thing when stressed. The Sympathetic Nervous system leads that, using a hormone thing called Epinephrine. Just in case it goes overboard, our body has a Parasympathetic Nervous system , that tries to cool things down, by countering it with a hormone Norepinephrine. 

Similar to what happens in the real world, sensitivities change over a period of time, the bodily environment bears the brunt, and results , sometimes in the aforesaid burning feet.  The muscles are the ones that shorten, stiffen and you suffer.

Dry needling is a procedure (different from acupuncture) that pokes and nudges your muscles deeply, into remembering and going back to their golden age. Clearly rebuked, the nerves behave, and pain reduces.  After several sittings.

Why am I suddenly telling this ?  Because I might do this.  Due to the burning feet.

I have researched this. Seen some things that have a bearing on stuff happening in the real world.

And a poem happened.

 Clearly, the doctor  will not be poking near the neck.  But elsewhere.

I only hope I can smile like this lady when they start to poke. (In medical terms, IMS or Intra Muscular Stimulation)......

Fight or flight,
under the auspices
of the
Hypothalamus, Pituitary,
Sympathetic High Command, ***
actions as per the rules of
the Epinephrine Party,
the neuronic unrest prevails,
trying to get
the troubled, persecuted
and pinched nerves
to shout and burn.

In a democratic body,
the Parasympathetic Opposition,
does its own campaign
sending in folks
of the Norepinephrine cadre
to cool things down.

Life is no longer that simple.

In the old days,
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
behaved with some restraint,
each others capabilities.

the Sympathetic Party
mired in the
politics of ATP
amidst the Muscle constituency,
aided by two faced fibres
and twisted ligaments,
has corrupted
the Parasympathetic folks.

Some just put on a show of opposing,
but are secretly supportive
of the Epinephrine Doctrine.

The poor public muscles
and far away joints
burn in
a poverty of resources,
and get stiff and short in anger.

This unholy alliance
of political convenience
must break,
a la Maharashtra Politics;
each party,
now on its own,
managing its own resources
punishing the wayward,
rewarding the workers.

Like Lord Shri Krishna promised,
to appear on earth,
when the Yadawi wars
would go out of hand,
we await
the fine touch of needles,
piercing the muscle hearts,
to stimulate them,
needling them,
into thinking bravely
once again.

 as in politics,
the HPA HighCommand
remains untouched,
unwilling to learn a lesson.

It is the hoipolloi
Sciatic dadas
Sural bens
and Plantar Singhs****
that bear the brunt.

***Hypothalamus, Pituitary,Amygdala ~ Command centres in the brain that decide. The Body Capital, with the High Command.

**** Sciatic , Sural and Plantar ~ Nerves of the lower limbs and feet .

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