Friday, July 10, 2009

All about Hope.....

Comment made on this post , (by a blogger , describing the ocean currents etc., after a trip to the Cape of Good Hope, SA). Photos courtsey Vivek Patwardhan.

Its all about Hope,
Good Hope,
that there will be Peace.
Two flowing thoughts,
one hotter than the other,
mixing in peace,
as they dash
against the rocks,
but still together.

This land of gold
and sweat and blood,
The mines shimmer
in the winter dawn,
As the sun
in benevolence,
pours its warmth,
Good Hope
and concern,

On the Proteas,
blooming in welcome
for our friends,
Vivek and Sulabhatai....


  1. Love your words and your photos! This first one is breathtaking! I really enjoy the music as well!

  2. Must add...the beauty of the poetry is augmented by the choice of music !

    and as they say..'keep rocking' !


  3. Is this a separate blog?Cartoons,poetry and what next?? Cookery blog would be welcome Suranga.