Thursday, July 9, 2009

On her choice of India.....(Blog Comment)

Comment on this post (on her choice of India ), by Braja of Lost and found in India. (Pictures courtsey Braja)

Little Seedlings
sprouting a green,
Fresh babylike, growing up.
Soon a soaring tree,
battling the cloudy skies of the mind,,,
twisting, turning,
The branches lean over,
weighed down
with karma
but sprinkling flowers
All into the neighbor's yard....

And like Satyabhama asks,
"The Prajakta planted in my land,
Why must it bend
and shower its flowers
Orange and white
For the neighbor?"

A lilting melody
And she looks up
to hear Him smile and say
"The fragrance pervades,
Orange warmth
White for peace,
Your Dharma and karma
Its here...."

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