Thursday, July 9, 2009

A dog's life.

Read this. And then this . Then marvel at the availability of Rs 1600 crores (1 crore = 10 million) available for the mollycoddling (The Bandra Worli Sea link) of the automobile lobby. And the pseudo-urgency of erecting statues in the ocean (at a similar cost), in honour of a king , who would have been aghast at the skewed priorities of the Powers-that-be today. When so many other things cry out for help.

Some are dogs,
Some live that life,
Both watched by those,
Drunk on Power...

Some led by chains,
Inhaling, as the ozone
masks the evicted,
undigested, documented
Stiff rules now,
Drop and Pick up,
And the chained ones,
wag their coiffured tails,
and smile,
wondering about
The Powerful,
The Shameless Ones.

Far elsewhere,
chained by the have-nots
but chased by life,
She ventures in the dark
of an eerie dawn,
others alongside,
tumbler in hand,
seeking a place;
Eyes darting,
Seeking relief somewhere,
an airy promenade,
but wild growth,
Fear creeping around,
beside a station wall.

again and again
drunk with power,
They provide for actual dogs,
and ignore
those unfortunate ones,
treated as some...

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