Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dangerous Dangles

Commented as below, on this blogpost that describes living dangerously...... Photos courtsey Kavi.

***"Zara sarkoon ghyaa"
creates air space
out of nothing;
This anthem
sung by those, that
gracefully leap
on to someone's shoe,
balanced by one hand
clutching the window bar,
a face in your armpit,
an elbow at your waist,
your nose
smelling parachute oil
glistening on someone's hair;
Blooming at the bus door
they travel,
buying tickets ,
money and change
passing hands,
And as the lumbering bus
takes a sharp turn,
they perform,
as in life,
a sine curve
the uniformed one,
taps his punch, and says
####"Chhutta nahi hai kya ?".....

*** Marathi translation of "Just shift a bit, will you ?" or "Move it! will ya ?"
#### Hindi translation of "Dont you have any change ?"


  1. This was really vivid. But I assume that it was poetry written in retropsect as the "armpits" and "elbows" would surely make it impossible to even think of poetry while travelling?

  2. Well what can I say...I read the whole blog and love how you use Kavi's photos and posts; he is so poetic in his view of life. I'm touched that you wrote poetry about my posts, and have saved them all as mementoes :) I'm especially touched by the Pushpa cow baby one, and sent it to the editor of the cowshed monthly magazine; will send you a copy when it's published. I love this blog, Suranga, and will visit always...thank you.