Friday, July 10, 2009

A new career with granddaughters.....(Blog comment)

Posted on reading thoughts on twitter ( a perceived inability to walk 4 kms, and a desperate wish to do that on skates) by an about to retire grandfather-blogger who is on a trip to South June 2009.

Seconds are still seconds,
No one comes first
Minutes traipse along,
As you stir your coffee,
Watching the South African veldt...

Thinking of years gone by,
Someone's tears wiped,
Someone's good times
celebrated as though your own,
A rainbow of a career,
Leading some,
teaching some,
Writing the story.

There is no prize for
four kilometres,
on skates,
But there is a prize ,
for someone,
patiently helped
with four sums....
Four dictation words...
Drawing a bunch of flowers,
So she can give you
Your real prize
in a bouquet...

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