Friday, July 10, 2009

The second Bloggers' lunch

Written on the Occasion of the second Bloggers Lunch, attended by Kavi, Vivek, Sucharita,Harekrishnaji and me....April 2009

Like an E-college with a real life cafetaria,
Once it was Andheri, now meeting in Galleria,

Routine hard work and activities in the house,
Family activities, with parents, children and spouse,

Spare time blogging and commenting on the world,
Your sympathies, your hobbies, and attitudes unfurled,

Some folks just connect on the basis of some words,
Career,kids,politics,food,medicine, even nerds,

So they meet and enjoy cuisines of different sorts,
Talk about bloggers they've met in different blogger ports,

Photos are clicked which maybe your grandkids will see,
"Were these really your blogging friends?", they'll ask me...

Nothing common in age, profession, language, and size,
When we meet, though, there's a twinkle in all the eyes.

Most waiters gape at this weird oldie, motley crowd,
Lunching amidst fashionable folks, all so posh and loud,

But like a college picnic that happens just once in a while,
Memories will be blogged, commented, and sent into a file.....

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