Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Building up......his nest ?

In response to a wonderful post about early morning activities at constructon sites in upmarket Mumbai, where the construction staff is almost always from mofussil rural India, outside the state.....trying to earn a living in the face of unrewarding agriculture.....

(Picture (c) Franklin McMohan)

Listening to the bark
of the helmeted one,
His eyes
over the scaffolding
He sees
a field in the wind,
a stationery plough,
a quiet dawn,
presided over by
a giant banyan tree,

And a wisp of a woman,
saree tucked in
a cloth wrapped lunch
"Take this,
your lunch,
I know you'll be late
You have a meeting
with the Rain God..."

And he shudders,
as a firm hand
on his never-give-up
***"Chalo chalo,hurry up,
Aaj slab puri karni hai....."

***"Come on, hurry up, the slab work must get done today"(translation from hindi)

1 comment:

  1. Somehow, the beauty of the poetry endears to the eye the main page.

    And not on the comments page !

    Chalo Chalo !
    Aaj slab puri karna hai !

    Thats a commentary. For most of urban life !