Thursday, July 9, 2009

Someone's "Stepping out".....

A little shrub, facing up,
All alone, amidst the seasons,
They came and went, and then
One day it took root
Reaching up to the sky
Gurgling in its growth ....

The sky is closer,
The sun is a friend,
The moon winks in confidence,
As the arms turn to branches,
Laden with growth,
Green and blooming....

A thing of beauty,

Some say, and it smiles,
Happy in its greenness,
Held close by the brown trunk;
Narrow waisted,

flowering into a canopy of Comfort....

The time for fruiting is near,
The wind and clouds hold hands,
As the rains drizzle in agreement,
There is growth once again,
A coming out into the world,
Reaching out to the sky,
Basking in the Sun...
And the warmth in life....

(Written for someone, just coming into her own. I wrote the poem first and actually found the graphic later. Looks like it was meant to be....a girl-tree reaching out to the world......)


  1. so beautiful and aptly worded! :) :)

  2. quaintkal Thank you ! Just wondering how you suddenly happened on this 2 year old poem :-)