Saturday, January 22, 2011

...And the stars come down to earth....

Once again, an amazing photograph, of the early morning waves at Marina Beach in Chennai, by my friend, Lakshmi Sharath. See some more pictures from her here.

(She takes so many breathtaking ones, one gets flooded with verse......)

(photograph by Lakshmi Sharath)
The stars
gaze awestruck
as the
Lunar hero,
makes the oceans
dance to his tune,
beckoning tides
with alacrity
to the beach,
and then
shooing some away later.

He looks at them,
twinkling with curiosity
around him,
and says,
"Oh! cant help
making waves
wherever I look...."

A glimmer to the east,
at dawn
the Moon's game is up;
He rushes off,
bowing to the
about-to-emerge Sun,
but not before
the stars
have rushed
into the ocean,
to experience
the ebb and flow
of life.....

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  1. love the shimmer in the frame and you have a vivid vivid imagination!!!