Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life chutneys

Recently came across a wonderful poem penned by a friend I have never met ... The ethos just reminded me about how flavours mix, in a possible sacrificial mode, in a traditional Indian chutney grinding environment...for a beneficial end result.....

(The original inspiration was in Marathi (the King's language), so my first creation was in the same language. The version in the Queen's language was done after that.....)

(visual by Google)
मनाच्या पाट्यावर
कधी कधी विचारांची भरड
शंकांच्या मिरच्यांना सोबत करते ;
थोडी आश्वासक हिरवाई,
कोणीतरी पेरलेले मीठ ,
मधूनच आठवते ती चीण साखर
तरी सुद्धा
कुठेतरी ठिबकणारे
रस्लीम्बाचे अश्रू
आयुष्याचा वरवंटा
तसाच फिरत राहतो ,
कारण शेवटी
एकत्र चटणी बनवणं जरूरीचं असतं........

Coarsely ground thoughts
face up
on the chutney-stone
of the mind,
in the sizzling
of the jalapenos
and habaneros....
a sudden cooling
sprinkle of green coriander,
salty doubts,
an odd sweet old memory,
one must
still swallow
and add
the pungent
flowing lemon juice
the grinding piece
mobilize to
more and more
in life......


  1. now this poem takes me t othose good old days , back to my vilalge where during peak times we wud be working in the fields and the women from the house would bring food .. it was ROti with GUD (i dont know the english :( ) and with a chutney of redchillies and something called CHIBBAD (aah i dont know the english of that too) but a small fruit that grew in wild along the fields and mashed , its had a sweet tangy taste

    OR chillies with the greens of Turnips or Mooli .. yummyyyyyyyyyy and it was so tasty along with a big glass of lassy :) and back ot work

    Good old dayssssssssssssssssss :)


  2. Life itself is a chutney of so many things!