Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flying High .....

My friend , Swaram is a part of a group of young people who are involved in projects that help rural children with their education. Sometimes , being a firmly grounded person, gives folks a special ability to make things fly high.

We just celebrated Makar Sankranti , our Harvest festival, which also signifies Uttarayan, or the Sun's movement away from the equator to the North. Besides worship and prayer, there is a lot of food, song, and fun with friends. It is traditional also to fly kites on this day.

Someone photographed her doing exactly that.....

The Sun on a string,
the Little Stars
of her village
at her feet,
proudly showing off
their new school bags and books...

And while
he travels North
in Uttarayan,
to warm up
those who see
less of him,
he knows
there will come
a time
when he must return,
she has him on a string...

In the meanwhile,
and her friends
at Sewa,
are the Sun
for the little ones.


  1. Thank u so much SurangaJi for these beautiful lines. I hope we live upto it :)

  2. he he he you will not beleive this but BUT when my parents came FIRST time to visit me here in UK , guess what i asked them to bring .. :) he he he

    Kite making paper, and the DOR... yesssssssssssssss he hehe and now also in summers when i go for my walks up the moutains i take the kite and fly them , its fun i guess i am still a small child in a grown up mans's body...

    oyeee swaram zor se , tunka marroo... dheeel do .. kata lagao.. kheencho kheencho he he heehe

    lovely poem as always .. we in punjab fly kites during basant.. and we had Lohri :) same day