Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nutty affairs

Under certain circumstances, the humble peanut can manifest itself as the sophisticated almond and high-brow walnut, or even both.

Folks like my friend Uma, prove that, again and again, when they decide to surprise their families with cookies,freshly baked in the afternoon, no doubt enjoyed with wonderful south Indian filter kapi.

(photo by Uma Srinivasan)

The staid peanuts
sat bored
in a fit of affection
she crushed them
drowned them
in a sea of butter and sugar,
to emerge
with a makeover,
pouting hot
from an oven….

Mesmerized by
the aroma,
he bit into one,
savouring the nuttiness,
“Hmm. Something nutty ?
Walnuts ? Almonds ?”

And abashed,
they simply dissolved
in his mouth,
preferring that
the lady explain,
that walnuts and almonds,
were not a patch
on peanuts
wrapped in love,
sprinkled with caring
proudly puffed in pride,
made by a lady,
for a great family,
on a lonesome
afternoon in Chennai…..


  1. I am certainly liking these nutty affairs...Ur poems, make my efforts at baking or photography, the best ever for me. Thank you for making me feel so good abt myself. :) :)