Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coalition Dharma

Sometimes birds display an uncanny understanding of political situations within ruling parties in India. And it takes someone like my friend Kavi Arasu to spot something, like the birds, which to others, may appear to be nothing more, than an old rusted boat , bobbing around, tenuously tethered to the shore .....

Like Kavi says : Some steer. Others lead.
But then..
Both can fly.......

(photograph by Kavi Arasu)
Its an age old set up,
some steer,
bothered by rules,
keeping on the right side,
an occasional turn
depending on
which way
the water tends to flow;
but some lead,
out front,
unmindful of
the nitty gritty,
but terribly concerned
about constraints
put by connections
to some
on the land
to the south.****

Result :
currently ,
the boat
appears to go nowhere........

**** to those ignorant of Indian politics, the ruling party is currently in a tenuous coalition , majorly associated with a southern Indian regional party.


  1. Terrific! Love the photo and your words, Suranga! Unfortunately, all too true, the boat does indeed seem to go nowhere!


  2. Loved the image and the symbolic poem so beautifully woven in words! Have been reading your impromptu creations on many of my friends' blogs and have always been awe-inspired by your way with words :)

  3. I guess the navigator is not good enough :) or as they say back seat driving, this is FRONT seat driving taking a toll he hehe