Saturday, January 22, 2011

A turn for the better ....

Lakshmi Sharath , whose travel articles are published by some of India's leading Southern newspapers , has a wonderful photoblog, and she also posts great photographs of her travels on FB.

This was one , early one morning, at the famous Marina Beach in Chennai; a commentary on urban lifestyles of a large population, withing small spaces , making this couple the focus of this photo, (and not the sand.....)

(photograph by Lakshmi Sharath)
from crowded
berating gazes,
independence day happens
they walk across
the wave-dimpled sands,
and watch
as a garbage
four wheel drive
screeches by
leaving in its tracks
its deletable presence.

seems to have just
taken a turn...
for now,
it's just
him, her,
and the backpack
as they watch
the ebbing tide
and hope
it comes rushing
back soon,
to wipe out
all obstacles
in their lives....


  1. Wow I am really really amazed each time i come to your blog, you can write such beautiful words on anything, i rmember a couple you have left on my articls ..
    Hats off to you Mam..

    the picture is so WOWOWOWOW


  2. Lakshmi Thank you....

    Bikramjit Thank you, but really, you need to thank the person who took the wow-walla photo....Lakshmi.

  3. Wowwww! That's such a gr8 pic! And as usual, superb lines to go with it :)