Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Soaring Mind

The quality of any flight, is undeniably enhanced by the silence of its landing. Quiet, clean and purposeful, in gratitude, to the One that makes it all possible.

A great visual by Kavi Arasu, for starting of , what could be a great year for all. You can read his amazing accompanying post, nay, invocation, here.

(photo by Kavi Arasu)
A leap
by an endlessly
practiced belief,
day after day,
perfecting the approach.

Facing the Sun,
up on the toes,
palms high up together,
buoyant in good wishes,
sinews glistening
in praise of strength,
he soars.

And then,
he bends his knees,
bows his head
in gratitude
to those that
he calls his own,
his euphoria,
with palms outstretched

So many soar,
so many leap,
and so many
talk about it.

But the ones
you remember the most
are the ones
the return entry
cutting through
the crowd
disturbing the water
all around.


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  1. The first thing to learn is that you can grow wings,if you want to.