Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Distinguished Pair

My young blogger friend Insignia, burst into verse on seeing two silver strands in her hair. Read about it here.

Naturally, the two silver strands needed to respond. Like below ......

Dont cry for us, Insignia;

Like you,
we've done
path breaking journeys;
different latitudes,
cities with
brazen attitudes,
progress to mean,
chemical exhaust,
additives in food,
mess in the water,
and although
it's fun to be held
and massaged
in warm oil,
some of us
don't get
what the rest
on your crown do.

And so,
instead of
being slaves to fashion,
and deliberately
getting colored,
we change naturally,
trying to be different.

Dont cry for us, Insignia;

Some folks think
we're wise,
Ha, Ha,
like Maggi Sauces,
we both think, we're DIFFERENT!

:-) :-)


  1. Ha ha ha! I will not crib when I get some silver ones on me after reading this one ;)

  2. The two black hairs left on me are singing the same song!

  3. :-) Ugich This is a fitting reply to my lines :)
    Kudos to you. And thanks a ton for these verses :)

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  5. So true..

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  6. hehehahahaha...i have not two but maybe 22 such strands or even more. sigh :D