Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The incredible sweetness of a Canon D60....

For all those hankering after state-of-the-art cameras,  this DSLR shaped chcolate may just be what you need. 

 A yummy creation  by San Francisco-based Etsy seller Hans Chung as a gift for his friends and family. It’s a highly detailed solid chocolate replica of a Canon D60 that has a battery grip attached.

Mr Chung reminds you that   the camera comes with body and grip only. Chocolate SD cards, batteries, lens caps, and straps are not included in the sale.

Read more about this delicious camera here

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Canon D60, how do I eat thee,
Let me count the ways......


I love thee 
to the depth
and breadth and height,
My tongue can reach thee,
when feeling hungry in the night

I love thee 

to the level
of everyday's most hungry need,
by sun, and lamplight

I must eat thee, as is my right,
I love thee purely, singing thy praise,

I love thee more, 

as a piece of the Flash,
Or Focusing circles, 

cut fine into sweet discs.

Melting into the click button,
I stand atop a cake to Click.

Smiles, tears, in the Sunlight,
and the cake gets a free chocolate icing,
as I dissolve.......

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  1. This camera is truly designed to click happiness and glee :-)