Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bozoical Class

Bozo , Mumbai's blogging dog, , is a very patient chap. he understands how the human mind works, and he bides his turn at things, in the big war between biology and technology.

Although he is threatened at every turn by a powerful two wheeler vying for Magic Eye's attention, he believes Old is gold, and that  technology  becomes obsolete,  but one must remember , like Sachin Tendulkar, that physical Form (wheels and all) may be temporary, but Bozoical Class, is simply, as they say,  permanent ....

Trains, planes,
swishing cars,
on motorways
and then a return
back to
Amchi Mumbai.

You would think
this preponderance of wheels
would affect you ?

The human mind,
does gradual changes.

And so
Magiceye went off
on a jealous two wheeler
on a ride with his friends
several times.

I mean
I know
I am not as fast,
I don't growl continuously
as I move,
I don't blind people
with my shining eyes
I don't insist on mirrors,
and most of all,
you don't have to kick me
to get me started.

I love to meander
with you,
watching the world go by,
new blossoms,
new smells,
new friends
out on their walks,
a sudden summer breeze,
batata vada smells,
dug up roads,
new potholes,
and of course,
trees and lampposts....

Forget wheels .
Can we now go for that walk please ?