Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bozo's Secret .....

Bozo, is still at his holiday home with friends, as his folks are travelling, and they send him photos of folks they meet . Sometimes, from some dog shows that they attended in Birmingham, UK.

Sometimes spiffy looking  fellows in earth colors, sometimes jet black, all brushed and groomed as if they were meeting the Queen; and sometimes a British beauty like this, with the latest in hair and makeup, not to mention wisps of hair strategically styled around the face, just so.

Bozo sees these pictures, and politely applauds.  What he actually thinks is something else....

slightly different
from our
yearly Miss India pageant
where fellows
stand no chance

I see that
my folks have been
attending beauty pageants
in Birmingham,
and sending me
of some smashing folks,
both male and female.

Saw a few last week,
and now
this amazing beauty
with the latest
streaked glossy hairstyle
coffeured hair,
not to mention
the heavily kohled eyes.......

I beg your pardon,
I am a
bit old fashioned,
that way,
and I still root
for my dear friend
Luci of Thiruvananthapuram ....

All these Birmingham folks
are not a patch
on her......


  1. Awww....! No wonder Luci was in such high spirits and splashing around in her new pool! :D

  2. Luci must be gloating! 'the heavily kohled eyes...' Suranga, I checked her eyes and it looked just like kohled eyes! Bozo is more patriotic than us! Great Suranga!

    1. You know, Bozo thinks differently than most .....

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