Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tough and tougher......

My FB and blogger friend, Indrani Ghose, Is a freelance writer, travelogue writer and wonderful photographer. She has wonderful travel-cum photoblog at "i Share" and another  called "Frozen Moments".

This is a capture from her visit to the  Pratapeswar Temple, Kalna, West Bengal.

The dignity on the face of these timeless sculptures, adorning the Shiva temple, suddenly brought to mind, the very shallow ads one has seen recently on television today, badmouthing spots on the face of similar sculptures and promoting chemical products.... 

Proud,brave and respectful,
honored at being
placed on the
temple arches,
they stand

in sacred relief,
unmoving through the ages.

How lucky
that they didnt
do that
in the 21st century;
only to face
folks from Lakme, Loreal,
Fair and Lovely,
rush to
lecture about
smooth skins
and smoother lies.....


  1. I haven't seen this ad yet. I can understand how it must have stirred your thoughts, very well penned lines. Thank you so much for the mention here.

  2. For a guy who grappled with pimples all his life and all the fancy soaps and creams... I should have seen this atleast 20 years earlier :)