Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thingies of the Mind....

A wonderful video from Rahul Sharma called Time Travel.

 A group called Indiblogeshwaris have a Tuesday Thingy Program, where the assignment was to watch a particular video, and blog about what "it spoke to you". Very clearly, they werent looking for an expert music review or description of places Mr Sharma visited in the course of his Time Travel...

 For someone whose plans to go somewhere always get inexplicably modified, and who controls the urge to dance on outstanding music out of consideration for the downstairs neighbors, I simply played the video and wrote what occurred to me as I listened to the music....

Lady, you said Brevity is an art. You asked for it.

So. In poetry....

Mind Music
Twiddling wide
across the Santoorini landscape,
empowering me
to shout,
“yes, I can!”

Telescoping out
from the Hum, the Drum, the Mum
and then Sum,
sorry Some…..
warming on memories,
skimming through windows
some half open,
inviting to push,
running out,
breathing in
the fragrance
and the fun
of living.

There’s a flow,
there is warmth,
there are colors,
there are kids,
a trillion smiling folks
and most of all
and a great big thump on the back
“Oye , Kahan jaake ayi tu ?
Welcome home !”


  1. How do you do this day in and out in a matter of seconds? Wonderful yet again!

  2. Brevity is an art and you've mastered it Suranga Mam.. This was lovely :)

    1. Confused Soul, Thank you, but I know several folks who may disagree with you greatly about the brevity stuff.... :-)

  3. Rhymester par excellence, and fast too! Loved it

  4. Nice and interesting take on time and travelling, suranga date :)

  5. Rahul might make music through notes, you make music through words! Waah waah kya baat hai!

    1. Anuradha, thank you for the lovely comment!

  6. this is so simple soothing and beautiful suranga. .Love these lines which you write so quickly :)
    good day

  7. I love the way you ended it. And the poem went well with the video.
    Dropping by from the TuesdayThingy.

  8. Replies
    1. Domesticgiddess-next door, Thank you!

  9. This is a different kind of poetry I have come across and I am glad that I did :)

  10. Your instant verse are ever the best :)