Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Abhimanyu Chakras....

My blogger friend, trekker, experimental cook, foodie, desperate cricket enthusiast, photographer, and financial analyst,  Dhiren Shah aka Hitchwriter or Hitchy,  has a keen eye for creatures that inhabit the gardens. 

He posted this wonderful capture on his blog here.  

Keen eyes make me think of Arjun.

Some look into pools of water, see reflections and shoot fish eyes above.  Others  look through a viewfinder of a Nikon ,and  shoot photos of spiders weaving a Chakra.....

The original guy got Draupadi.  Dhiren gets a poem......

The intrepid Spidy novelist
weaving a web of mystery,
circular sentences

with fullstops,
sudden paras,
now you see it
now you don't;
as he ranges across
green continents
chasing the

Ashwin Sanghi,
Amish Tripathi,
Dan Brown,
et al;
your introduction
to the newest book
with the deepest research.

The Abhimanyu Chakras....


  1. A poem any day over Draupadi! :D :D :D