Friday, August 7, 2015

Cabbage ben Bharucha

My friend Dhiren Shah, of Bharuch, and a finance professional, mostly has very earth related hobbies. Like trekking in the mountains, cycling on river banks, foods,  and even cricket, which involves  constantly banging bats and balls on the earth, sometimes, along with oneself.  The food hobby got him hooked on gardening,  and a cabbage crop was a  recent project.

He recently posted the  five month harvest and people started asking  if these were indeed cabbages or Brussel sprouts.

Yes, the cabbages might be offended at being called stuff connected to Brussels. At least say Bharuch  Cabbages.

Dhiren just introduced a new variety of Cabbage.

And there is a reason why the cabbages prefer to be small in size. It has to do with DNA.  Confused ?

Then read on.    

The Bharuchian soil
steeped in monsoon showers
delightfully aware

of the little ones,
studded with the DNA
of one
who watches cricket balls.

One eye
on the bat,
he watches them
month after month,
as they
get enveloped
in green layers
of maternal concern
yet continue to be kids
enamoured with the cricket ball..

But sometimes,
they decide to emulate
someone who
gets so much childlike joy
as he revels
in green roads, rivers,
mountains, foods,
and cooking for
his family.

Stubborn in their resolve,
they eye him
as he inspects them
between mundane profits and losses.

The message finally reaches.

They sit,
in his kitchen,
free at last,
thrilled to bits
watching their friend
click and post them on FB.

Fresh Organic Gobis,
having achieved a life goal,
relax in the plate,
look up
at the concerned fellow
and ask,
"Did you ever read a book
"Small is Beautiful"
by E. F. Schumaker ?.....

We grew up on it ...."


  1. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share