Sunday, August 23, 2015

State of the World.....

Where I live,  a long long morning walk starting (with a cup of tea), at 7 am often causes pangs of hunger that lead automatically to tea-and-wadas or filter-coffee-and-dosas, or masala-tea-and-sabudana-khichadi among other great proletarian stuff.

However. Things are different, when you are , like my friend  Just a Girl from Aamchi Mumbai, in Perth, Australia.

Like she says in her post , "So after eating and walking since 7 am in the morning, we thought we will eat some more because who doesn't like Raspberry Cheesecake and Kaluha mousse with chilled beer and iced tea...."

I've now realized that there is a lesson about the State of the World in all this ....  

In a world
full of
creamy white folks

with attractive dark pink blush-ons
and red lipsticks
sitting just so,
being watched avidly
by some chilled
golden types,
some waving flagpoles,
it is difficult to be
a Chocolate Mousse,
unless of course
you imbibe some Kahlua,
wink at the peanuts
look like someone
who swallowed some cream
and let go,
" You may be Fair and Lovely,
but believe me,
I am the best !"

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