Saturday, August 29, 2015

KarwanTee Tales....एका करवंटीची दुसरी गोष्ट

Narali Poornima, or the full moon night in the Hindu calendar month of Shravan, is a much loved festival celebrated in Maharashtra  The Kolis or the local fishermen offer prayers to Lord Vishnu on this day and throw coconuts in the sea as an offering to Lord Varun, and start their new fishing season.  Raksha Bandhan falls on a full moon day and therefore, it is the most auspicious day to perform the Shravan Purnima Puja.

In Maharashtra, the day is also celebrated by  cooking delicacies incorporating coconut, in the cooking.

One such, very traditional dish, is the Narli Bhat, a  sweet rice preparation. My friend Aditi Lele  Vaze,  is an expert cook and photographer,  that is, when she is not being a busy  anesthetist;  one way or the other, she manages to get people to swoon, at the wonderful stuff.  

She prepared and posted this amazing capture of a sort of homecoming of the Narali Bhat (Coconut Rice) .  

नारळी पोर्णिमेच्या भरतीच्या
उसळत्या लाटांबरोबर
करवनटीबाईंच्या डोळ्यात जणु समुद्राचे पाणी जमले ।

आपटून, पडून ,
वेळप्रसंगी पाट्यावर डोकं आपटून घेउन
आणि शेवटी तर अगदी
ओंजळीत अश्रू गोळा करून
विळीवर धरून खरवडून लेकीला सासरी धाडले…

आणि आज ,
सुवर्णाने लेउन ,
केशरात गुंफलेले दागिने ,
बेदण्याञ्च्या बुट्ट्यनचि
आणि लवंगी काम केलेली
बासमती पैठणी नेसून
गूळ रावांबरोबर
इलैचिचे अत्तर लाउन
छोटे छोटे खोबरे घेउन आलेल्या
लेकीला बघून,
त्यांना अगदी तिला
कुठे ठेउ आणि कुठे नाही असे झाले …
आणि मग
करवनटीबाईंनि पहिल्यांदा
तिला मिठीतच घेतले......
Crashing starry waves
amidst coconut palms
on a full moon
monsoon night,
and a KarwanTee** shell
lies wistful
tearing up
with the salty waters
every now and then.

A cracking,and banging,
occasionally on stone,
and she 

remembers finally the
slow but stoic
mind shredding
on a wiLee,
and all the tears
to say goodbye
in a glass,
before the lass
left for her in-laws.

the lass  returns,
adorned in gold,
jewellery entwined in saffron,
and draped
in a Basmati Paithani
studded with
raisin buttas,
and streaks of clove,
as she walks in ,
in a cloud of ilaichi fragrance,
accompanied by
Mr Gool and the
little coconut devils.

holds out her arms
and encompasses them all
to her heart.

**karwantee :  Marathi for half coconut shell (empty) 

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