Monday, August 17, 2015

Where has all the bhakti gone ?

 As someone who does not do photography herself,  but admires some of those who do,  it has occurred to me, that it isn't so much about clicking , but a lot about seeing,  having an mind-eye to perceive, and lending a ear to the silent messages
being conveyed.  

The talent for reading colors, composing, and planning unique angles is inborn and a gift from SomeOne Up There.

My very talented friend Slogan Murugan just posted this capture of a forlorn flagpole holder , two days after the nation celebrated Independence Day on August 15. 

The visual  suggested certain religious imagery from a particular angle, and the the words simply happened. 

worshiped year round
with flowers,

a gentle dripping
of holy water,
and folks
stopping short
of a complete
circumambulation ....

And some,
on just 2 days,
stuck on a pole,
sung to,
and flown,
perhaps with
flowers cascading
on an unravelling
and pulling,
amidst a gently
falling monsoon rain.

And you wonder,
where has all the bhakti gone ?