Saturday, August 1, 2015

Real Friendshp.....

In a world ruled by Masterchefs, Plating, Gourmet food,  Fancy Food with fancier names with prepositions, and food emphasizing regions and cuisines, nothing beats this perennial Pan Indian comfort food.

Like Puri Bhaji.  Clicked and posted by my friend Deepak Amembal,  so beautifully, as to induce pangs of hunger .  A dish eaten all across India,  at homes, railway stations, bus stations,  and  small eateries  in even smaller towns . Sometimes, in plates, sometimes in thalis, and sometimes even on  green leaves.

An ode , to what has been an ageless perennial favourite through the years.

It is about
single minded devotion.

A difficult vrat,
mixing together
with wheat flour,
tangling with water,
a pinch of sugar,
and holding oneself together
strong palms and fingers
trying to mould you
in their vision.

A compulsory rest
before running life's
hottest marathon,
and before you know
you are pulled,
rolled, and
suddenly pushed into hot oil.

A slow realization
of one's potential,
a confident blooming,
and sailing in the
oceans of oil,
and a final sighting
of land as you
gently shake off drops
of effort,
and look on in delight.

Your friend,
Batatyaachi Bhaji,
in tears of happiness,
wiping away the mirchis
from the eyes,
lies in wait,
ready to walk
the rest of your life
alongside you.
waiting to meet you,

Could Friendship Day 2015 get any better ?

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