Sunday, August 2, 2015

Political Bhajees.....

Long time ago,  when buttermilk was still churned by hand , by folks, and children refrained from wasting any food, because , unlike today, they listened to their mothers,  it was an unwritten rule that greens that were not sufficient to stand on their own feet as veggies, would be united in delicious ways with buttermilk, daal etc , to make delicious "patal bhajees" .  Stew is not the correct translation, but you get the idea.

My friend Shruti Nargundkar of Melbourne  recently did two posts, highlighting this philosophy.   She posted her recipe for Takatli Patal Bhaji with Spinach (below left), and  Muda Bhaji (Gola Bhaji, below right) with arhar dal and assorted greens. 

Somehow , all that coming together of diverse types,  suggested a solution for our political types.

If only they ate Takatli Patal Bhaji......

  Both Photos by Shruti Nargundkar
Sometimes it is a season
for coalitions.

soured due to infighting
lacto MPs,
their positions
much diluted due to
a watering down,
and a regional
Green party,
on its last legs
after several
presumed stirring victories
in fried constituencies,
as the leaders
simply sautéd for position.

Besanic Wheaty feelers,
looking at the responses,
and sometimes
recommending arhar folks
in place of curds.

An eventual coming together
of some
excited Trinamool Jeera,
slightly subdued CPM(Rai),
a pinch of Lalu-vian Hing,
Pow(e)ar mirchis of NCP,
Amma Haldi ,
Masaledaar TDP,
a bit salty but agreeable JD,
all of them wondering
if the tadka
will be
refined raga oil
ghani ka namo oil.

It really doesn't matter.

Like the Rice Speaker said,
There is nothing
like a  good boiling session
with crushed peanut security folks
to make them all work together....

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