Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Bhidus of Perth

My friend from Perth, Just A Girl From Amchi Mumbai (JAGFAM) recently posted a photograph of what would qualify as a quick comfort breakfast , on a cold wintry morning Down Under.

A Jugad Breakfast , as she calls it,  with yesterdays spicy potato filling slapped between two slices of bread and roasted on a oilspattered tawa , and then  a ketchup to make things more interesting.  All accompanied by a nice  Amrutatulya boiling milky chai.

Shades of Mumbai ?

Read on .

(photograph by JAGFAM)
A completely smashed
hibernating after a spicy
evening out
amidst cool types
in the fridge,
cockily emerging
the next day
in search of companionship.

Spies the bread gang,
and gets together
with them,
making hot plans
on a tawa,
of the habit
of dangerous living
and acquiring
rough and wounded
golden looks.

Watched in awe
and occasionally flirting
with a blushing Ketchupa,
as a
hefty T-Boss arrives,
steaming golden,
glares thru the
bone china,
and says,
"So, Bhidu, Chalein ?"


  1. I did not see any Marmite on the toast!

    1. Ah! It didn't stand a chance in front of the Alu, and actually retired hurt before facing a single toast.