Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weight loss breakthrough.....

INTRODUCNG  guaranteed weight loss methods, without dieting, movement , or medicines. Ideal for people on the other side of the hill, so to speak, and the best is, you don't have to do anything, but simply CLICK.

Thanks to daily posting of amazing traditional breakfast pictures  by my friend  Deepak Amembal,  (who then proceeds  to eat it all, no doubt accompanied by a glass of hot filter kapi),  here is your chance to salivate at the sights of Medu wadas, idlis, Omlettes, thailpeeths, misals, different types of dosas, on an almost daily basis . 

Except you stare and don't absorb any calories, as you sit and pine for what might have been. And then restlessly pace up and down in front of your laptop. That's your exercise.

Those seeing stuff on their cell phones have to be physically restricted from rushing to Bandra East.  Where, according to reliable sources,  a certain Bozo is handling security.  

So many Udeedas
sitting for makeup
after a crushing schedule
in honor of
the Bandra Amembal Fashion Week.

Sometimes ,
joined by the Chawal Kumars,
but it depends.

a  hot and trendy
lace skirt
studded with gold streaks
folding itself over
and posing
at the end of the tawa ramp.

a combined walk
by Idli Manglorea
and Wada Meduwala,
both currently figuring
on all page 3
food gossip plates,
for their
morning dips
and tangles
with the sambar mafia.

But what gets
the most approval,
is the
most recently come-of-age
Uddin Wadas,
nicknamed Biscoot Amboday.

No fancy obsession for
shapely figures,
no insistence on
steam facials,
no application
of Fair and Lovely Flours,
just a bunch of
Udid chaps,
aided by the routine
mirchi adrak Pre-fry lotions,
their normal
size-anything life
after a great bubbling trek,
and a golden climb
in hot oil.

A walk by them together,
on the porcelain ramp,
as a grand finale
at the peak,
and they rush
to meet
the Chutney Kothmeera,
waiting for them there.

They know life is short.

The photographer devourer waits.

But as they said,
"It's better
to have met and
loved Chutney Kothmeera
and lost,
than not
been there at all "....


  1. Haha Suranga! kya diet hai... kya exercise plan hai! For sure this will work for me! :D

    1. Thank you! Would you believe I actually put on weight just looking at the photos ? I though that others might benefit though.... :-)