Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bozo and Bappa !

Yes. Bozo Amembal , Mumbai's iconic blogger dog, is back ! On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and the celebrations .

This has been a restful time for him.  Anxiety about the influence of a certain Desert Storme in the life of Deepak , his mentor and chronicler, used to worry him , and made him lose sleep at times.  And then DS  went away with Deepak into the Himalayas.  

One day, she fell along with Deepak at the side of the road while he tried to avoid a lumbering vehicle, and Deepak hurt his ankle badly.

Bozo is just happy , that Deepak flew back to Mumbai without her.  Everyone is home for Ganpati, the ankle is being treated , and as someone called Pippa used to say in a poem, All's right with the world !

Just a few of Bozo's thoughts as he takes a short nap, thinking about Modaks...

one feels so relieved
that a stretch
on a cool floor
turns into
a small quiet nap.

The influence
of Desert Stormes
in someone life
cannot be denied,
of the pale gold makeup
accelerating exhaustive life,
and the impossible urge
to always
runaway with Deepak somewhere.

But this time,
it was Ganpati Bappa,
who helped Deepak,
when he sprained his ankle
while travelling with Her,
and helped him
fly home
safe and sound.

The Desert Storme
got herself all bandaged
and bubble wrapped
in fashionable colors
and landed in Mumbai by road
since the airlines
refused .

They dont carry selfish bikes.

Even the doctor knows.

He has
restricted Deepak
from going out with her.

And just one more thing
while I grab a shuteye....

Yay! Ganpati Bappa Morya !

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