Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Srrr ke piyo ..... सुरर्र के पियो

There is tea, and there is Tea.

Hi Fi stuff in monogrammed cups and airconditioned polite sipping at A$4.50 , and open air wildly performing agitating cup-crackling  cutting tea at A$0.20.

What's with the A$?    My friend,  Just a girl from Amchi Mumbai, normally subject to the former, was recently subjected to the latter,  and posted about this , mentioning the prices and environment, a kind of Perth Vs Mumbai stuff.

As she says , " The madness in India is fuelled by endless cups of sickeningly sweet milky chai which is served in small glasses only 3/4 full, giving it the name "Cutting Chai". Every corner in India has a Chaiwala who will fuel your chai needs till you are satiated. While a cup of small coffee in Perth costs around $4.50, chai in India costs less then 10 Rs which is around 20 cents (Maths has never been my forte, so don't judge me). Laced with different masalas Chai gives us the boost to face the day and all the challenges that it may bring."

There are different kinds
of Perils of Plenty...

Plenty of money,
plenty of rules,
plenty of organized brewing
of fixed bags of tea,
plenty of mugs
with plenty of monograms,
covered by plenty
of paper napkins,
as you dunk
a biggish cookie
into plenty of tea
avoiding plenty of slurps
at A$4.50.

And then
there is
plenty of folks
rushing to fewer jobs,
amidst plenty of crowds,
and plenty of roadside teas
boiling in come hither style,
agitating with gingers and cardamom
in plenty of milk,
sweetened with plenty
of sugar, hopes, and wishes,
served in brave
small plastic glasses,
three fourths full,
holding on
with plenty of bravado.

the tea
is a great survivor,
having survived falls
from great heights;
and yes,
it has plenty of admirers
as you hear
the plenty of "Srrr"
as plenty gulp it down
with plenty of cheer...

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