Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chained Life Melodies

My friend Pearl from Minneapolis , recently posted a sample of a square crocheted by her , possibly on a cool Fall afternoon. Not everyone can crochet, it needs patience, and a lot of attention to chains.  It is good for the joints in your fingers, at a time when the joints tend to be willful and possibly prefer tapping keyboards instead..

Her display of the wonderful crocheted square in place of a cerebral cortex got me thinking.

About whether the yarn  (like us) remembers how it got there (cotton bolls to yarn) ,  what it is doing, and what it feels about itself.  Philosophical types can replace "yarn" with "self" .... 

It is
at the end of the Day

raw flying amorphous thoughts
by the millions,
baled out,
and packed
trying to bring some order
into a crowded mind.

Then enlightenment
in the process
of spinning a yarn of life,
on a bobbin of age.

Some loom automatically,
some weave slowly
on looms by hand,
but some
chain memories together
with little things
that keep them hooked,
and keep
going in and out
creating designs
that would have made
the old thoughts say,
"Gee, I never thought I could be so beautiful!" 


  1. So beautiful. You touch my heart, Suranga.


    1. Thank you! And your photograph of the crocheted square is so inspiring in its composition !