Monday, September 21, 2015

Look into his eye .....

An amazing philosophical expression on the face of a Mehndied Goat, captured by my friend Slogan Murugan, in the Deonar area of Mumbai,  where the government abattoir functions.

While people play politics over meat bans,  selling bans , a goat's life is a pointless life.   It has been  herded on land , fed, and then herded again in vehicles, and lugged to places where it is killed, or fattened for a celebratory kill.

 In a world of animals, there is no UN, no EU and no world making noises about refugees, herding and killing.

And life, and death, goes on .....

They travel in groups
herded by some
across hills

and meadows,
sometimes barked at
by a Boss Dog.

in diesel contraptions,
in crowds
trying to look out
of a rope maze
designed to keep them
in a herd mentality.

So many come
to look them over,
some paint them,
and some apply tikkas;
last wishes
before going to their death.

No one calls them refugees,
No one calls them hostages;
For a civilization
that shouts from the rooftops
about terrorism, war, hostages, EU,
and the like,
we are such fakes.

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  1. You are no less a philosopher, Suranga Tai. I don't what else to say!