Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kande Pohe Mornings.....

My friend Shakti Salgaokar-Yezdani just celebrated a relaxed Saturday morning, making some excellent breakfast Kande Pohe, with the tadka in ghee instead of oil.  It is probably a tradition , but most young Maharashtrian girls learn to make tea and Kande Pohe, when they start off in the kitchen.  Shakti  learned that, and at almost double her age, so did I , when i was very young.  Kande Pohe Zindabad !

Kande Pohe are almost the original brand ambassadors of day-to-day middle class Maharashtra. 

The indulgent washing of the Pohe, the fragrance of the kadhipattas ,  sharp intake of mirchi breath,  and the hing, onions, haldi , lemon juice etc  all falling in line and waiting for the Pohe..

All resulting in a uniquely  golden fresh Kande Pohe, sprinkled with Coriander leaves and Fresh Coconut.  Sometimes with a piece of lemon. 

Diehard Kokan types often serve roasted Poha papad, and Mirchi pickle ,  along with it.  

Purists tend to frown on sev and other farsan types hanging around the pohe.  Just saying ..... 


एका रेंगाळत्या भाद्रपद सकाळी ,
साग्रसंगीत स्नान करून
एकामेकाला धरून
रोळीत पहुडलेले पोहे,
अचानक आजूबाजूला गजबज,
आणि मिरचीबाईन्नी कढीपत्त्याला
हळूच सांगितलेली कांद्याची चुगली ;
न राहावून मोहरीचे हसून तड्तड्णे ,
आणि हिंगाने "क्या बात !" म्हणत
मारलेली कांद्याच्या फोडणीत टाळी …

चीण लाल तिखटाने ,
लिंबाच्या रसाबरोबर त्यात मारलेली उडी ,
"सकाळी सकाळी काय ही गडबड,
कोणी मेलं स्वस्थ बसून देत नाही "
आणि फ़ोड्णीने भारावून जाउन,
आपले सनातनी मत बदलून,
कोथिंबीर खोब्राने सालंकृत
मीठ साखरेच्या अक्षता झेलत
आत पडून
तयार झालेले सुनहरे पोहे.

आणि एक गणपतीबाप्पा
उन्दिर्मामाकडे बघतो,
हळूच कानाशी जातो आणि म्हणतो,
"मोदक आणि गोडाचा कंटाळा आला रे ,
चल, पोह्याची चव बघुया …।"
A gentle leisurely
Bhadrapad morning,
and the Pohe
sit snug
in a Rowlee,
shrugging off
the last of the water
after a fancy bath...

A sudden commotion,
as the agitated, cut up
bitterly cribs
to the Kadhpatta ladies,
about the onions
making them  all cry.
The mustard seeds
cracking up in mirth
at that sight,
and the Hing lads jump in
to give them all a hi-five
in the hot oil...

A pinch of cayenne
managing an entry
along with a lemon in tears,
and the Pohe,
blurting out
"Early morning rabblerousers,
they don't let you
rest in peace, do they ?"

But the sight of  them all
sizzling together
is too inviting,
and the infatuated Pohe,
adorned with
Coconut and Coriander jewellery
rush in
amidst a confetti of salt and sugar,
to be a part
of a Kande Pohe  morning...

Away to one side,
watching it all,
Ganpati Bappa
quietly bends down,
and whispers into the
ears of the mouse,
"Aiiyo, I've had
so much sweet stuff,
all these modaks and laddoos,
Come, lets taste
these wonderful Kande Pohe! ...


  1. ha ha lemon in tears :-) I want that bowl of pohe :-)

  2. When well made nothing beats pauhe along with chai for breakfast! I am quite sure Ganpati badly wanted it after reading ur blog!