Friday, September 11, 2015

The First Front

It is fairly usual  in households for mothers to perform makeovers of dinner dishes and convert them to yummy breakfasts the next day.

My friend Mukta Atrey just converted a moong dal khichadi, twelve hours old, to a fresh yummy hot thalipeeth, and posted the photograph, just before imbibing it.

In an age when we keep on getting disillusioned by so many purporting to be progressive leaders , perhaps this  thalipeeth has some lessons for all ?

I swear this has nothing to do with the Bihar elections or Third Fronts.

If anything, these are the First Front!

(photo and eating by Mukta Atrey)

कधी तूप जिर्याच्या मेकप मध्ये
कढीपत्ते हिंगाशी युती,
ढवळून वाफवून निवडणुकीच्या पाण्यात

धडे शिकून ,
शहाणी झालेली खिचडी .

कधी फ्रीज मध्ये
डिपोझ्हिट जप्त होउन पडणे

आणि मग कधीतरी
अश्रुपाती कांदे,
कोथिंम्बिरी मिरची महिला आघाडी
भारतीय धनेजिरे संघ ,
ओवा विकास पार्टी ,
आणि थालीपीठाच्या स्वातंत्र्यासाठी
पन्नास वर्ष लढणारी
आता मुक्ताच्या नेत्रुत्वाखाली लढणारी
पुरोगामी बेसन पार्टी ,
ह्या सर्वांशी झालेली तवा भेट;
आम पाव संघटनेच्या ब्रेडिवालने
"सब मिले जुले है !" असा केलेला आरोप
"तो क्या ? उसमे हि हमारी शक्ती है !"
म्हणून उलथन्याने उचलून मारलेला टोला ….

कधी कधी न्याहारीचे पदार्थ खूप काही शिकवून जातात
 Posh looks
with Ghee-Cumin makeup,
a thoughtful getting together
with kadhipatta hing fashions,
and a
who just had a makeover
to a brilliant steaming
and blooming
in a electoral vessel.

Yet sometimes,
a quiet time in the fridge,
after confiscation
of a unusually large deposit.

And then it is time,
a coming together
of the
Teary Onion Conference,
Kothimbir Mirchi Mahila Aghadi,
Indian DhaniyaJeera Sanngh,
Ajwain Vikas Party,
and the Progressive Besan Party,
now ably led by Mukta,
that has fought for
Independence of Thalipeeths,
for the last 50 years;
all of them on the same
Tawa podium
waving to the hungry crowds.

Breadiwaal, of the Aam Pav Party
rubbishing them all,
"Sab Mile  Jule Hai ...."
a flat ladle ,
turning the thalipeeth
onto a plate
"So what ! Unity is strength !"....

there is much to learn from breakfasts....

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