Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Crackling Performance ....

The monsoon in Mumbai is known to put up a grand show when it withdraws, and it did this on a Monday, after a weekend of intolerable heat and sun.

There were clouds, a strange yellowish light pervading the atmosphere, and there were immensely powerful showers of heavy rain, accompanied by uproarious thunder and brilliant lightening. A bit of a lull in the rain, and the thunder and lightening continued, like a tiger growling to itself, unable to reduce the momentum of the last deadly chase.

My friend Magiceye, clicked this amazing capture  the same evening , in Bandra, in Western Mumbai and posted it here..  

(And i saw something there as well ....)

The brilliant lithe gymnast
Monsoona Sparkley,
of the
Mumbai Lightening Group
her twirling rope
she leaps, jumps
and tumbles across
in a flash,
her gymnastic manoevres
in the individual event at the
Sky Olympics....

If photographs were audible,
you might
have heard the clouds
thundering and roaring
in approval.....


  1. Simply outstanding: both the lightening and the poem.

  2. The picture is out of this world and the words dazzle with their verbal gymnastics :)

  3. What an awesome picture. Your poem just framed it so well :-)

  4. Magiceye, USP,Mani,Janu,Sangeeta, Thank you all !