Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bozoical Breaking News

Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog still believes in living by rules. That is what his mother taught him, and he cannot stand those who make a hobby of disobeying. 

Unfortunately, there are some others, who get swayed by a flying lifestyle and the freedom that it gives.  Mumbai is full of such types.

But clearly, the city continues to run, simply because of citizens like Bozo, who ensure that rules are followed in their own little patch of green.   Sometimes, they do get ideas from watching TV as they lie at the feet of Magiceye in the evenings. ....

Bozo in citizen journalist mode ...

This black winged fellow
must be
a politician.

Here I am,
minding the house,
guarding some
grains and stuff
kept out to dry
in the balcony.

To be sure,
we have safety railings
so I don't
go overboard
chasing such trespassers,
as I dart
between the hibiscus
and roses
and the tulsis.....

But encroaching,
swooping down,
trying to grab things
that do not belong to them,
and then cawing away
as if someone was wronging them,
are the hallmarks
of those
who specialize
in flying around indiscriminately,
scavenging around
and filling their coffers.

I will not rest
and like Arvind Kejriwal,
I will
expose their deeds,
shell nests, winged directors
sharp beaks and all.

I see them all
below the balcony
for the bark statement.

I guess I need to do my best woof ....


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