Saturday, October 20, 2012

Junglee Gardens

My friend Sangeeta Khanna of Delhi, who is a  green thumbed plant researcher, nutrition expert, traditional food scholar,  trekker and photographer,  posted this photograph , of an early morning sun focusing on folks in her garden.   Then she wonders if she should be calling it a jungle, given the free and wild way in which things are  growing....


There are artistically landscaped, color co-ordinated gardens, where no one really knows the names of the plants and an orchid is superior to a homegrown cherry tomato , rose, spinach or karela.

And then there are gardens, where the trees are free, the various fruits and vegetables grow together, fighting for places in the sun, some rebel, some are mature, and some behave like teenagers, obsessed about their looks.  A good mother knows all her children .

She walked amidst them , and clicked the Sun trying to trespass....

My friend can probably tell you the life histories and characteristics of most of those growing in her ?

It takes all kinds.

Some stand,
tall, green and upright,

in middle age
brown vertebral spines
managing all the foliage.

in balance with their land
cheerfully face up
to each morning
humouring the Dew kids,
big leaves
lording over the little ones,
some stems weighed down
by the fruits
of their lives.

Some middle class types,
eek out an existence
in the shadow of
the large,
some defiant E types,
think they are
on an Internet cable
connected to the world
on a high.

But the ones
to really take the cake
are these
fair and beautiful
flowery damsels
artistically posing
just so
trying to catch the
tanning Sun
through a patch in the Green....

Fall has arrived,
and Ma Earth has declared
it's all about
Brown and Lovely......


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  1. Yes it is. Brown and lovely. The sun decides to shine on it too :-)