Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bozo Against Injustice

Bozo, Mumbai's on dog-with-his-own-blog thinks things have gone too far.  Sometimes he gets really upset. But he never throws tantrums like some folks he sees on television, accusing,  shouting and pointing fingers. 

He has, unsuccessfully, looked for the organization called Dogs Against Injustice, but having not found it, is thinking of approaching a certain individual in UK, who he thinks understands him.

Bozo has no control over who clicks his photographs because he is so photogenic. Mostly it is Magiceye.

 Same is true of Aishwarya Rai .  (No Magiceye doesnt click her pictures). But when she cribs, folks listen.

All Bozo can do is write a poem....   

My eyes,
they say
eyes are a window
to the Soul..

But for the Soul,
it is also a door
to look out through.

Though sometimes,
they fill up
due to things I see,
and then
I do see things
in a blurred way.

Folks are changing.

He is smitten with
this outrageous contraption
with two wheels
and takes her
on visits to see Ganpati Bappa....

He goes off
to Morachi Chincholi
to watch the
Peacocks and peahens
do the
"Ya Raoji, basaa raoji"

And just
because the bulls and cows
make better eyes,
he goes riding in their carts
in their village...

Tell me,
whatever happened
to taking me to Juhu Beach ?

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  1. Awww..... No love lost for Bozo!!! He remains on top of the priority list!!