Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life's gentle slopes....

This is a poem written on demand.  From another blogger , who likes the subject of this photo and thought the nose ring needed to be honored with a poem.

This is a young photoblogger  who is obsessed with noserings .  Never loses an opportunity to wear them, despite not having a pierced nose.

When I was young, it was always known that those who carried a nose ring well, and looked amazing wearing it, had the ideal nose :  lovely, straight, and delicate like the fresh bud of a champa flower .... नाजूक चाफेकळी .

Today, you don't have to get your nose pierced, you get "naths" or noserings that clip on, and how you look wearing it, really has to do with how thrilled and happy you are about it.

You need to hear what the pearls feel .....

Pearly whites,
shining in the smile
amused at the
of some other white pearls,
on a
thin path of gold.

A few by themselves,
a few clumped together
with some
beady red types
pretending to be rubies.
and then
throwing themselves a curve
to form a lovely
pearly flower
reaching out through the
to the gold wire.

As the little gold molecule
said to the beady pearl,
"The nose is not pierced....
Be grateful
for the gentle slope
of her nose;
Had she the nose
like a champa bud
specified by the standards,
you and I
would have slipped
fallen by the wayside
in no time ....."


  1. what a beauty..the smile and the nose ring and that twinkle in the eye :-)

  2. Glowing like the moonshine and flowing like a cloud.

  3. The pearls wold have been luckier had they been on blogger

  4. I wonder how you bring to life everything so beautifully! Love to ad ur poems always!

  5. Lovely poem. I love a nose ring too -- the clip on kind :). I had a clip on nath for my wedding. Many years later I got my nose pierced on a fancy but later allowed the hole to close.

  6. What a beautiful poem. And what a beautiful young woman - such gorgeous eyes and brilliant smile. I am interested that you can get clip on nose rings - I would wear them too like that if I was much younger.