Monday, October 29, 2012

Blooming in the mind...

My blog friend Sylvia Kirkwood of Tacoma Washington,  clicks magical photos which she posts on her photoblog, Sylvia From Over The Hill, along with quotations suitable for the particular photo.  She posted this capture, with the quotation "Age is no barrier. It's a limitation you put on your mind."

While she herself, at 78 is a shining example of what she quotes, sometimes a mind like mine, can go backwards into the old days,  as the image triggers a memory. As it did, of a famous photo of Marilyn Monroe, trying to hold down her white frock as it flared around her, her blond hair shining...

And the slippery green, the dark, the mess of stem networks in the background suddenly starts making sense...

(photo by Sylvia Kirkwood)
In an ever changing
fluid life,
she stands
her blonde wisps of hair
reflecting the light,
as she holds down
the undulating expanse
of her white frock,
so perfect
on her frame.

And sometimes
we forget
that the world
would not have seen her
had it not been
for the complicated
underwater maze
the green room support chorus,
shining flat in the background,
the slimy creatures
in black slithering
amidst branches
so much behind-the-scenes networking,
and her powerful admirers
who occasionally
plucked her away
and displayed her on their arm....


  1. Wonderful words as always and thanks for your kind thoughts! Also, I've had another birhtday and I'm now 79!! 80 will show up all too soon!! Hard to believe! But I'm still having fun and learning new things, so I guess that's all that matters!! Have a beautiful week, my friend!!

  2. So true. All the underwater muck sometimes is the reason why some wear a wider smile :-)